Robert Milnes for President 2008
Robert Milnes for President 2008


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The Progressive Alliance Strategy

My working hypothesis of the Progressive Alliance Strategy (for 2006 and 2008) is to garner all the progressive vote for one candidate on each and every ballot. If we assume that the progressive vote is about 1/3 of the total (there should be some polling/research in this area) and is by and large split by the Green and Libertarian parties, ideally there should be either a Green OR a Libertarian candidate on each and every ballot.

The executive ticket should be the Libertarian ticket because it has almost total ballot access. It could be a "normal" ticket endorsed by the Greens or it could be a "hybrid" ticket i.e. one Green, one Libertarian. My candidacy represents this, since I have declared that I identify more with the Greens. However I scored "left libertarian" on the Quick Quiz Libertarian political test. So I claim sufficient identification with the libertarian philosophy to be a bona fide Libertarian party candidate.

If we further assume that all leftists and to a large extent liberals are generally "progressive" on the one hand and on the other hand libertarians and some conservatives, the strategy would be to generate a movement such that eventually most of these vote for the one candidate per ballot and the Libertarian executive ticket.

I further propose that there be a Progressive Alliance coordinating committee with or without party cooperation to accomplish this. Clearly the left is more numerically progressive. So they contribute the numerical votes and many of the ideas and programs. The Libertarian party contributes their votes and ballot access and the principle of volunteerism and the ideal of self reliance. Programs that would otherwise be leftist could be made progressive by simply being made voluntary. So the leftist revolution can be "mixed" with the libertarian cause to form the "Progressive Movement."

I believe this would be acceptable to most Americans to vote for or to be a cooperative "loyal opposition". Just as present progressives are a loyal opposition to the Democrats and Republicans with their regressive policies.

About Robert Milnes

I was born on July 26, 1952 in Camden, New Jersey. My father is Protestant (United Methodist), my mother long deceased was Catholic. I personally am not a church member and do not attend church services. If I were asked to choose between these two churches, I could not. I would either alternate attendance between both or choose a non-denominational Christian church. My mother raised my sister and I as Catholics but I have many disagreements with Catholic beliefs.

My childhood I remember as mostly good; perhaps plagued by borderline poverty. "Working poor" might be appropriate. My high -but not outrageously high- I.Q. was recognized in school, especially high school, but I dropped out of 10th grade at Haddon Township H.S. However I recovered by passing the GED test in June, 1970. I scored 99 percentile on the ACT test in physical sciences and was admitted to Camden County College as a chemistry major. But I managed to drop out of CCC, then Lasalle, & University of Colorado at Boulder. I had a college deferment from the draft but it didn't matter because I had high draft numbers. So I did not get involved in the Viet Nam war or any military or other service e.g. Peace Corps or VISTA.  I did get involved in political activism in Boulder. But by then the war was winding down; the major fact of my life was (and is) depression.

I remember sneaking a look at my family physician's notes in my file one time when he briefly left the exam room. It said "severe reactive depression". I was about 20. I did not quite understand how important that would be in my life. Over the years I learned to live with it and cope. But I never flourished or had a "normal" life. Unfortunately leftist political activism did not pay well; I was not able to study or work well. I wound up returning home to live with my mother in 1976. The four years I spent in Boulder was a big mistake. I should never have left my mother alone. She had developed diabetes in the late 1950's. Looking back, it was a slow death sentence for her. I was not there when I heard she had broken her hip. I could not afford to go home, then come back. So some more wasted time went by before I did give up trying to change the world & went home. My mother convinced me to apply for a new Social Security program, SSI disability. I was accepted. Shortly thereafter my mother died of diabetes related complications.

I did not do much during those years except run the rental duplex my mother had for my father. And I kept informed of the issues of the times and the politics. I read most of Wilhelm Reich's books. But then I got tripped up by the FBI. They arrested me on charges related to several fan letters I had written to a local Philadelphia TV anchorwoman, Deborah Knapp. She had married present day Congressman Henry Bonilla, R-Texas. Of course I suspected this was a collateral attack on me by the FBI for political reasons, but I could not articulate that or convince my court appointed federal defender. He convinced me to plead guilty to one count. This was a big mistake. I was sent to FCI Butner, N.C. in 1985. I actually read "The Age of Surveillance" in prison!

Eventually I got "maxed out" on mandatory parole in 1989. I wound up back at the duplex. I began to expand my political interests into rightist areas, eventually finding libertarianism. I wound up trying my luck at gold mining in California, making several trips over the years. I found camping there for months at a time to be helpful with depression. Needless to say my luck didn't change much! So here I am back in NJ. Maybe I would have had better luck in Atlantic City! Or with the lottery!  I met who would eventually become a friend in Ca. He convinced me to get a computer in 2000. So I have slowly taught myself and do a lot of research on the computer. I'm not too bad & have a good one and high speed internet service. This website and my campaign are my latest projects.

I hope that this is helpful for anyone to decide to vote for me!

7/28/2006. Just for the record, I am a member of Mensa. (actually my membership has lapsed but I intend to reinstate asap). I do not drink alcohol, smoke MJ, abuse drugs or pop pills. Since at least 25 years ago. Back in the 70's I tried beer which I didn't like the taste. I tried whiskey & brandy.  I tried "diet " pills (dextroamphetamine). Mostly for their "pep" or anti-depressant effect. I tried MJ, which I did inhale. I never tried cocaine, LSD, or any hallucenogen, heroin, etc. I never self-injected, although I had plenty of opportunity to as my mother's diabetes.(plenty of available small gauge needles available back when that was a problem).   The 1 count I pleaded guilty to was 18 USC Section 876.  Later I filed a pro se motion to withdraw guilty plea pursuant to  28 USC Section 2255 and Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure 32 (d). The federal defender was not authorized to assist me after probation violation & was ineffective anyway. This was denied through the US Supreme Court.  My petitions for parole were all denied. I have not been arrested for anything since. I'm not perfect; I do make mistakes. But I try to promptly recognize & correct them. Fortunately I am well centered, usually very accurate, and fairly well informed. I do not lie. I am not on any psychogenic medication.


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